I am a man of many talents and people may know me for creating artwork or fashion & 3d design but i thought id share a lil history on the artwork i created for French Montanna. Living in London England and being a massive fan of hip hop i always tried to keep my ear to the street of new hip hop & its bi product. One of the things that i would use as a lil treat would be getting new dvds on sunday at the infamous wembley market & collect pretty much all hiphop dvd's yes im talking smack, blow, the come up, cocaine city ect... go home build a phat spliff n go in. SO..... Fast forward a lil & i was str8 up hungry to just get the fuck on.... so naturally i networked like a guru and was noticed by a dude who goes by the name of Broadway all day..... we spoke and being a 3d artist he like my work and wanted to collab.


Naturally after realising that im was talking to 50 Cent's artist & video director i swaped contact details over. After a lil while he hollerd at me asking if i wanna take care of one of his projects.... He told me what it was & i was like....... errr yea.....muthafukin HELL YEA!


Only thing was i wanted to spazz out on the design n do me but French wanted the whole GTA theme that TBH i thought was played out but fuck it i wouldnt of said no coz the brand equity i would make off it was way high


Even though ppl think some dude in NY some where designed this little did you know lil ol me from NW london done it n when i sent the email off 2/3 weeks later i picked it up in wembly market...lol

The feeling of knowing your work went global..... is like bussin a nut.....lol





Ok so after creating Vol 8 the next time he reach out not knowing that i had previously created his dvd he wanted a mixtape cover at this point he had just got signed to Akon and was gonna put out the first of his catalog Mac wit da Cheese. Once again saying that he wanted the design a paticular way.... I naturally wanted to spazz on the design but sometimes the client is right even though personaly he was wrong.

He stated that the concept would be a mac n cheese box with him akon and mike epps who was hosting it..... even though i wasnt happy with the design im glad it was a dope mixtape that i listen to till this day & glad to see him continue the mac n cheese!




I created a few more things for french & you can veiw the rest at www.complexds.com


ps my spelling is shit ....this i know so please dont waste you time trying to spell check my shit.... & especially dont EVEN try to waste my time by showing me.... you fucking nerds...lol


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